History & Timeline of Bulgaria

Historical Overview & Timeline of Key Events

Updated: 5 September 2016.

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Here is a brief timeline of important events that have shaped the country; the focus here will be geared towards recent events (from 100 years ago or so), located towards the bottom, but we’ll begin with more ancient events first.

681 CE

First Bulgarian Empire

Bulgarian state founded as the First Bulgarian Empire begins.

1018 through 1185

Byzantine Empire

Bulgaria is under the Byzantine Empire.


Treaty of San Stefano

Russia and Turkey recognize an autonomous Bulgaria.


Eastern Rumelia Merged with Bulgaria

Adds a sizable portion to the country, including the city Plovdiv.


Bulgarian Declaration of Independence

Independence from the Ottoman Empire was proclaimed on 5 Oct.

1914 through 1918

World War I

Bulgaria is on Germany’s side during WWI.


Free Elections

First free elections after Soviet rule.


Becomes Member of NATO


Becomes Member of European Union

2010 to Now

Schengen Membership Needs Work

Some European countries, specifically France and Germany, block Bulgaria from joining the Schengen Are until corruption and organized crime drops way down.

Bulgaria Flag

Key Cities & Regions

More coming soon!
Sofia Plovdiv Ruse

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