Canada Destination Guide


Updated: 4 January 2016.

So, you’re interested in Canada, eh? Before I started doing my due diligence, I held a distorted and irresponsible image of the large land (like Americans, but more polite; always apologizing; land of cold and colder; etc.). However, Canada is a vast land, full of natural beauty, interesting culture, and wonderful people; Canadians being polite and friendly is a generalization that seems to hold true more often than not.

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world by area, and it takes up the northern portion of North America. It is bordered by the United States to the south and west, and touches the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans. There are many wonderful places to visit in Canada, from Toronto, the largest city, to Montreal, the heavily-French-speaking city, to the remote wilderness of the territories.

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Key Cities & Regions

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