Miskolc, Hungary

Two trams on Széchenyi street, Miskolc, Hungary.
Two trams on Széchenyi street, Miskolc, Hungary. Photo by József Birincsik.

Population: 162,905 (2013)

Language(s): Hungarian (Magyar)

Demonym: Miskolci (Magyar)

Area: 237 km2 (91 mi2)

Dialing Code: +36

Electricity Adapter: 230 V, 50 Hz, Plug/Socket Types: C & F

Time Zone: Central European Time (UTC+1); Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)


Miskolc, Hungary (pronounced “Mish-koltz”) is Hungary’s third-largest city, located in the northeastern region of the country, near the picturesque Bükk mountains. Many of the buildings display the city’s background in heavy industry, particularly metallurgy, which peaked during the Socialist era. The area has evidence of being inhabited from 70,000 years ago, in the Paleolithic period.

Miskolc has numerous attractions that are just waiting to be explored. For some of the best sites to see in Miskolc, check out the guide of What to See ->

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-Tourist Information-

A tourist information center is conveniently located in the center of the city. The staff is fluent in Hungarian Magyar, English, French, and German, at least. Check out the website HERE ->

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