Dates & Holidays of Italy

Calendar of Key Dates, National Holidays, and Important Days

Updated: 5 September 2016.

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Whether you’re about to visit or just keen on learning about the culture, check out our handy little calendar to learn about the different holidays and celebrations in Italy. And as an added little bonus, we’ve listed the names of the months in the Italian language below the months’ names in English :)

January & February

gennaio & febbraio
1 Jan

New Year's Day


7 Jan

Flag Day

Giornata Nazionale della Bandiera.

6 Jan



14 Feb

Valentine's Day

Festa degli Innamorati.

March & April

marzo & aprile
Varying Sunday

Palm Sunday

Domenica delle Palme. The Sunday preceding Easter Sunday.

Varying Friday

Good Friday

Venerdì Santo. The Friday preceding Easter Sunday.

Varying Sunday

Easter Sunday

Pasqua. Easter in "Western Christianity" is always on one Sunday between 22 March and 25 April on the Gregorian calendar, sometime during the first week after the astronomical full moon.

Varying Monday

Easter Monday

Pasquetta. The Monday immediately following Easter Sunday.

25 Apr

Liberation Day

Festa della Liberazione.

May & June

maggio & giugno
1 May

International Workers' Day

Festa dei Lavoratori. Known alternately as "May Day" or "Labor Day."

2 Jun

Republic Day

Festa della Repubblica.

July & August

luglio & agosto
15 Aug


15 Aug

Assumption Day


September & October

settembre & ottobre
19 Sep

San Gennaro

4 Oct

San Petronio

November & December

novembre & dicembre
1 Nov

All Saints’ Day


24 Dec

Christmas Eve

Vigilia di Natale.

26 Dec

St. Stephen’s Day

Santo Stefano.

8 Dec

Immaculate Conception

Immacolata Concezione.

25 Dec



31 Dec

New Year's Eve

Vigilia di Capodanno.

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Bonus! Days of the Week in Italian :)

Monday: lunedì
Tuesday: martedì
Wednesday: mercoledì
Thursday: giovedì
Friday: venerdì
Saturday: sabato
Sunday: domenica