Cuisine of Poland

Common Polish Fare, Eating Customs, and Traditional Foods

Updated: 5 September 2016.

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zurek soup sourdough bread bowl

Zurek / Zur (Polish Sour Rye Soup)

Zurek is a traditional Polish sour soup especially common as a food eaten during the Easter holiday, similar to barszcz biały (“white borscht soup”), which is made with wheat flour instead of rye.

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Zupa Piwna

Polewka Piwna / Zupa Piwna (Polish Beer Soup)

The Polish people seem to like to consume hot beer, and this sour soup is great on hot days when served cold, and comforting for cold days when served hot. Smacznego! 

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pierogi dumplingClassic Polish Pierogi Dough Recipe

Pierogi are the national food of Poland; once a “peasant food” in Polish cuisine, it is now quite popular to eat at almost any time of day.

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Key Cities & Regions

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Warsaw (Warszawa) Kraków

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