Key Information & Facts of Russia

General Points to Know and Traveler's Information for Visiting

Updated: 10 January 2016.

General Info


is the capital and largest city.

Ruble (₽) (RUB)

is the currency. Its sub-unit is the kopeyka (1/100).


is the population (2015 estimate).

UTC+3 through UTC+12

are the country’s time zones (exc UTC+5).


is the main language spoken.


is the main alphabet/script used in the Russian language.


km2 (6,592,800 mi2) is its area.


is the country’s 2-digit ISO country code.


is the country’s calling (dialing) code.

'Росси́я' (Rossiya)

is the endonym for the country, the name that the locals call their country, in their own language.


is the demonym for the people of this country. Don’t know what that is, or want to learn more?Read more about demonyms via this article »

For the Travelers


is the side of the road they drive on.

Types C & E

is the country’s electricity adapter types, 230 V, 50 Hz, as defined by the IEC.Learn more about the different plug and socket types »


is the tobacco purchase age, but there doesn’t seem to be a smoking age restriction.


is the alcohol purchase age, though there doesn’t seem to be a restriction on consumption.


is the age of consent.


is the general emergency number.

Do I Need A Visa?

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Government & Identity

Vladimir Putin

is the president.

Constitutional Republic

is the structure of government.

Dmitry Medvedev

is the prime minister.

Federal Assembly

is the country’s legislating body (Федера́льное Собра́ние “Federalnoye Sobraniye”).

'State Anthem of the Russian Federation'

is the country’s national anthem (Государственный гимн Российской Федерации “Gosudarstvennyy gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii”).
Russia Flag

Key Cities & Regions

Moscow Chechnya

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