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Updated: 10 January 2016.

General Info


is the de facto capital city.


is its largest city.


km2 (15,940 mi2) is its area.


is the population (2014 estimate).

Central European Time (UTC+1)

is the country’s time zone; summer is CEST (UTC+2).

German, French, Italian, & Romansh

are the main languages spoken.

Swiss Franc (CHF)

is the national currency. Its sub-unit (1/100) is the Rappen (Rp.) in German, or the centime (c.) in French.


is the country’s 2-digit ISO country code.


is the country’s calling (dialing) code.


is the main alphabet/script used in the languages of Switzerland.


is the Latin endonym for the country, the name that the locals call their country in the Latin language.


is the demonym for the people of this country. Don’t know what that is, or want to learn more?Read more about demonyms via this article »

For the Travelers


is the side of the road they drive on.

Types C & J

is the country’s electricity adapter types, 230 V, 50 Hz, as defined by the IEC.Learn more about the different plug and socket types »

16 - 18

is the smoking age, varying by Canton.


is the drinking age for beers and wines; 18 is the age for spirits. This is universal across Switzerland except for the Canton of Ticino, where it is 18 for everything.


is the age of consent.


is the general emergency number.

Do I Need A Visa?

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Government & Identity

Walter Thurnherr

is the federal chancellor.

Directorial Democracy

is the country’s form/structure of government.

Federal Assembly

is the country’s legislating body.

The 'Swiss Psalm'

is the country’s national anthem.

'Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno'

is the country’s national motto, Latin for “One for all, and all for one.”
Switzerland Flag

Key Cities & Regions

Zürich Bern

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