San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco TransAmerica Pyramid
San Francisco Transamerica Pyramid. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Graham Rogers.

Population: 852,469 (2014)

DemonymSan Franciscan

Area: 601 km2 (232 mi2)

Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST) (UTC−8)


San Francisco is an unbelievably awesome city. The people are smart and colorful, the things to do seemingly endless, and everything is available and within reach from anywhere in the city. The “City by the Bay” is a world leader in human rights issues and liberal politics, and its Bay Area is home to the largest concentration of companies in the technology center in the world, Silicon Valley. Great wine can be had just north of the city in the Napa Valley. The city boasts a magnificent waterfront, and its cable cars can shuttle you around Nob Hill. The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge is surely not to be missed, but with all the other things that the city has to offer, it is excusable if for some reason you do forget it. San Francisco is the 2nd-most densely populated city in the United States after New York City, and the 14th largest in the US.

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