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Packing Techniques Infographic Featuredvideo

Packing Techniques to Save Space in Your Suitcase (Video)

This is the "Packing Techniques" video to complement the infographic of 8 different ways to save space in your suitcase, by Expedia via NeoMam Studios.
Today we are featuring a travel quote by the famous philosopher, St. Augustine of Hippo. Dauntless Jaunter quotes are dispensations on migrations meant to elicit vacation temptation and nudge you into nation exploration.

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Dauntless Jaunter Travel Glossary

Travel Industry Terms, Phrases, Neologisms, and More!

Dauntless Jaunter has one of the best travel glossaries out there. We’ve got terms, phrases, and neologisms from all over the travel industry – from accommodations to airlines, from cultural terms to geography. We’ve even got abbreviations and IATA airport codes. So, please stop by and have a look! The Travel Glossary »

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