Say you’re a traveler? Sure, but let’s see just how knowledgeable you are about the world. These quizzes are just for fun, but hopefully they will engage your trivia skills and motivate you to further learn about the world. This website is about travelers, for travelers, so none of these should be too easy for you.

Good luck!

Cities & Countries

Country Capital Cities Quiz (Intermediate) – Think you know your capital cities? Let’s find out.

Country Capital Cities Quiz (Expert) – This is not your average world capital city quiz – you’re gonna need to know associated facts about geography, population, weather, and more.

People Around the World

World Demonyms Quiz, Countries – A demonym is the adjectival word that describes the people of the place in question. A person from Bolivia can be called a Bolivian, for example. However, some people have adopted demonyms that aren’t so easy to figure out. Test your worldly knowledge with these demonym questions for different countries.

World Demonyms Quiz, Cities (Beginner) – This one gets tougher; you may know the countries, but cities can be more difficult as they’ve often not-so-obvious names for their people.

World Demonyms Quiz, Cities (Expert) – The toughest of them all. You’ll need a lot of luck or an intimate knowledge of some important cities from around the world.


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World Culture & Traditions

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