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Vintner's Bush Osmizza Italy

Vintner’s Bush: One of the Oldest European Traditions

Vintner’s Bush has many forms and can be found in almost all European countries; it is one of the oldest traditions in Europe.

European Pickpocket Hotspots (Infographic)

This infographic of European pickpocket hotspots shows nine different cities, along with some of its famous sites, where this timeless crime still happens.
7 Euro Xmas Markets Infographic

7 Largest Christmas Markets From Around Europe (Infographic)

This handy infographic gives some interesting numbers and facts about the history and progression of the Christmas market tradition in Europe.

An Ultimate Guide to European Street Food (Infographic)

This infographic offers a taste of some popular street foods in countries across Europe, including price, ingredients, calories, and more.
Train Amsterdam

Europe by Rail: A Commentary on the Eurail Pass

A brief commentary on Jason's booze-filled adventures through Europe utilizing the Eurail pass, the unlimited train ticket aimed at travelers.
Europe Atlas of Prejudice Infographic

20 Satirical Ways to Slice Europe Up by Stereotypes (Infographic)

A map of stereotypes and generalizations of Europe, which is meant to be lighthearted and humorous.

Which City is Europe’s Cultural Capital? (Infographic)

Europe has myriad cities and towns, most which have beautiful architecture, a deep history, and rich culture and traditions. This neat infographic, by HouseTrip.com,...

Essential Map of Europe: How to Say “Beer” Around Europe

What's more important than knowing how to say the word for beer in the language of the country you're visiting? Check out this cool graphic...
Dmanisi Primitive Stone Tools

Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia: In Asia or Europe?

Are the countries of Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia Asian or European? This post aims to clear up some of the confusion.
Train Amsterdam

Why is Flying Often Cheaper than Taking a Train in Europe?

It took awhile for me to wrap my head around the fact that plane travel within Europe is often the cheaper option for getting...