Random Rants & Raves

Here are some random posts of musings that might otherwise get lost in the chronological blog style of the website.

Competitive Traveling: Quantity vs. Quality – A new trend is this rush to collect as many destinations as one can, just for sport. Is this a good way to travel?

Let’s Step Outside Our Bubbles – Why it is important to learn at least the basics of measurement, date, time, etc. conversions to other standards for traveling.

Fall Hurricane Season, the Best Time to Travel? – The autumn season may be arguably the most ideal time to book travel arrangements.

Why Take a Mileage Run At All? – Why do people go through the torture of the “mileage run?”

Traveling? Lose Your Preconceived Notions First

Mastering a Travel Language: Speaking in IATA

Some See Dollar Signs; I See Flights

The Perils of CouchSurfing (Schiller Edition)

Immersion Into Foreign Culture from the Comfort of My Home

New Yorkers – Rude? A Look at Speech Patterns in NYC

Should I Mourn the Loss of a National Currency?